The Sign on the Truck

b broken pineWe finally had someone coming to give us a quote on the broken tree clean-up, so I was out making sure my list was complete. It’s not exactly subtle out there: what’s wrong with this picture?

b storm lilacAre lilacs supposed to grow horizontally? Is this redbud limb having a nice meet-cute with these wooden chairs?

b storm cgairsStill, there’s so much, it would be easy to undercount. As I inspected the fallen tops of some crabapple trees, hoping none of the gathering spring birds decided to build nests in these branches bound for the chipper, I noticed a DTE utility truck parked on the street. It had a sign I’d never seen before on its door panel: “Assaulting a utility worker is a felony.” With hotline number. I certainly never approve of assault – and isn’t any assault a felony? – but the image of DTE customers enraged by long, repeated power outages taking to the streets with pitchforks somehow seemed sad and funny at the same time. Funny, because I couldn’t really believe it would happen. Sad, because apparently it does.

b first daffsMeanwhile, cheery things are also happening. Between the fallen branches the first daffodils are starting to bloom.

b indoor tulipsIndoors, my tulips are going crazy on the windowsill. I’m a little late starting my seeds. Think I’ll go do that right now.

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