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Here are links to read some of my poems in the magazines that originally published them — you might enjoy looking at other work in these issues, too. Wild Goose Poetry Review is an online magazine; the others are print magazines with content available online. Many magazines have an online presence for submissions or subscriptions, but no texts; or the texts of back issues are available, but not current ones. I add links as I find more places where the poems appear.


Venus, Or Maybe Mercury in Poetry

The Star Factory in Poetry

The Accidental Metaphor in Wild Goose Poetry Review

House of the Black Glass in The Kenyon Review

Light Fails in the Morning in Valparaiso Poetry Review

Real Facts in The Christian Science Monitor

Winter, Love in Bluestem Magazine

All periodicals:

Amelia: Another Way of Missing You; Memory of  Desire; The Votive Candle
American Scholar: For a Lost Watch; The Theory of Art
The Amherst Review: The Beach at La Serena
Appalachia: Blue-Eyed Lake; Fog and Frost
Atlanta Review: Anza Borrego
Aura: Muttontown Road
The Bear Deluxe: Waiting for the Condors
Beloit Poetry Journal: Mattie at the Opera; Mattie Translates the Seaside Flowers
of Chile; Sarah at Bedtime
Berkeley Poetry Review: The Blue Flash
Blue Unicorn: Ordinary Days; Taking Pictures; Twilight
Bluestem: Winter, Love
Borderlands: Heidi in Santiago de Chile; In the Moonfields
Briar Cliff Review: The Professor’s Nap; Where Your Heart Is
California Quarterly, U.C. Davis: The Visitor
Christian Science Monitor: Real Facts
Chrysalis: Betty’s Grandmother’s Hats
The Climbing Art: Approaching the Andes; Blue Distance
Cloudbank: The Aquarium; Commitment and Puget Sound
Common Ground Review: The Cat at Christmas; Keeping Track; How Winter
Turns Out
Concho River Review: Legends About Language
Confrontation: Pomaire, Chile
Cumberland Poetry Review: The Condor; The Humboldt Current; Spring
Diner: Call Interrupted; In Praise of Paper; Picture You
Dream Fantasy International: Chirimoya Serenade; Fragments of a Full Moon
The Edge City Review: Inside Your Shirt; Naked Philosophy
Edgz: The Knitting Project of the Women’s Commission
Embers: Becoming a Poet; Excavating; The Minoan Snake Goddess
English Journal: Reading Milton Together
Epicenter: Definition
Exit 13: Albuquerque; Three Hours By the Improve Your Life Sign
Folio: For Midge, Who Misses Weather; The Liquidambar Tree
Fox Cry Review:  Full Moon
Glass Tesseract: The Map of the Universe
Glass Works (anthology): The Dove in the Traffic Light
The Global Universe (anthology): Night Vision
Harpstrings:  Downwind From Disneyland; Sestina for Nancy
Hawaii Pacific Review: The Magellanic Clouds
If We Had Wanted Quiet…(anthology): Dress Up
In the Grove: New Rain
Iris: Lost Anniversary
Jeopardy: Don Giovanni in the Data Room; The Migrant
Jewish Currents Calendar: To Be David Shifrin’s Clarinet
Jewish Women’s Literary Anthology: The Fortune Teller at the Bat Mitzvah
Journal of the American Medical Association: The Snowman
Junction: In the Study
Kalliope: Sarah on a Motorscooter at Santorini
Kansas Quarterly: The Auction of Abandoned Safe-Deposit Box Contents; Learning
to Drive; Mother and Child: Mesolithic Burial; The Old Sopranos Reminisce;
Visiting Delphi; What Heaven Would Be Like
Kenyon Review: The Comet Visits the City; The Death of a Friend; House of the
Black Glass
Lake Effect: The Amber Necklace
Lilliput: Nightlong
The Literary Review: Calling Mary Megan; Morning Among the Gardeners
Long Island Quarterly: The Autobiographical Age
The Lyric:Clearing the Path; Villanelle for a Murder Mystery
Mankato Poetry Review: The Octopus
Midwest Quarterly: Dreamcatcher
Midwifery Today: For Sarah
Moving Out: Rain in July; The Venus Earrings; Waiting for the Results; The Wig Shop
Nebo: Dessert Poem
New England Review: Century Plant
New Infinity Review: Dry Season; Sun Too Loud
North American Review: The Transit of Venus; The Christmas Story
Once Upon a Time: The Children; Five P.M.
Plains Poetry Journal: Cosmos
Poetry: The Star Factory; Venus, or Maybe Mercury
Poetry Harbor: The Volcano Walker
Poetrybay: Storm Front, Last Quarter
Potomac Review: Flying In; Ox-Eyed Daisy
Rufus: The Catch; Fish; Snails
Santa Barbara Review: April Comes to Chile; Atacama Morning; Bruno Feeds
the Foxes; Continuum; For a Heatwave; One Hundred Degrees in the Shade
Seneca Review: Arrowheads; January First, From Pasadena
Sierra Nevada Review: The Wind; The Weather Gets Carried Away; Storm Fabric
Small Pond: The Goatherd
Southern Carolina Review: Switched-Baby Syndrome; Lake Almanor; One
Thousand Places to See Before You Die
SPSM&H:  Different Skies; Grey City in Winter; More Naked Without a Ring;
Press Conference; Your Coffee Flavored Kiss
Sunrise: Ordinary Nights, reprinted
Sycamore Review: Crystals
Timber Creek: Smile For Me, Moon; The Mountain With Your Face On It; Old
Stories; Far View
Valparaiso: Light Fails in the Morning
Waves: Clay Pigs
Welcome Home: Halloween: The Children Arrange Their Skeletons; Sarah
Chooses Among Her Earrings; Sarah Rearranges Her Room; Sewing for Sarah
Wild Goose Poetry Review: The Bath; The Accidental Metaphor
Yankee: Breakfast; The Blizzard; For Nicholas; Lodestone; Ordinary Nights; Sarah and
the Wind; Telephone