The Abundant Windowsill

b red amaryllis

Valentine’s Day was looking glorious with all this going on at the windowsill. What a wonderful collection of lace and froth a few amaryllis bulbs provide – and I still have some just starting to bud. This red one, bought in November, put up two short stems at once, with six blossoms on each stem instead of the usual two or four.

b stripey amaryllisThe Dancing Queen is making a repeat appearance, having gone through summer on my deck, an indoor rest, and a January wake-up call several times now.

b apple blossom amaryllisThe mostly pink Amadeus is the other one I bought new for this year, very elegant, rather more restrained than the Dancer,

b amadeus amaryllis

while this pink-touched white one is another veteran. I want to say she’s a Double Nymph, but she’s been with me such a long time I’m not sure I remember that right.

And of course a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, in between eating chocolate and going out to dinner, is to enjoy your flowers with a cup of tea. In this case a big cup of foamy Hojicha Latte. Happy Valentine’s Day – well, it’s a little late for that. Happy Valentine’s Week.

b foamy tea

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