Bulb Story

b bulbs 1Bulbs are very determined.

These were quiet in my closet for months, but eventually something – the passage of time? sensitivity to teeny temperature changes? – told them it was their moment. They began sending up shoots, oriented to gravity but not to light.

b bulbs 2Since they were pretty tumbled around in the bag in the closet, they came out looking arthritic.  I felt sorry for them.

b 3 alsoSo I moved them into the sunlight and gave them water. They straightened right up and became what they were intended to be.

b bulbs 4Such an easy metaphor – deformed and awry from lack of light and nourishment; upright, ready to bloom and be productive, when resources are applied.  No need to belabor the point.  Use it where you will – plants, children, relationships.  Good advice from an indoor garden.

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