Hot Day

b flowersThey say it’s really going to be hot today in Michigan. This weather forecast made me excited. Hot! Languid, delightful, relaxing heat, soother of achy muscles, consoler of tiny infants. Yay! That’s me talking. Unfortunately, it makes Doug cranky. He will want to turn on the air conditioner, and I will want to sit by an open window. I won’t do yardwork in the sun, but I will happily wander outside with my iced tea in hand, checking on the plants. They are well watered from the huge downpour we had two days ago, but pots do dry out. A thumb in the dirt of these told me they’re doing fine, but at some point Doug will bring a bucket of water up from the dehumidifier, and I’ll give them another drink.

b chivesThe plants in the ground won’t need extra help. Here are the chives in my herb garden, along with some of the sage, looking happy. Their friends the thyme and oregano are happy too, but the chives get the photo op while they’re in bloom.

b indoor tomatoesThe outdoor tomatoes are blooming now, too, and a few fruits have set. Tomatoes like it fairly hot, but if it goes over 90 degrees for a couple of days, they won’t set fruit. Meanwhile the indoor tomatoes, which have been producing since Memorial Day, are rolling right along. They have a sunny window, but they’re also downstairs in a two story house, so they’ll stay cool enough.

b birdbathSitting by that window, writing this, I was thinking of the birdbath and scrolling through my phone for a recent photo, when I glanced out the window and saw this. They hopped out, of course, as soon as I picked up my phone. I also saw that the level of water has decreased since this morning. It’s 1:30 clock time now, which is our Solar Noon (one hour for the clocks being on Daylight Savings Time, and half an hour for our location within our time zone). I will monitor the water level, and fill it back up when needed.

b hot catZerlina is often very interested in birdbath activity, but not today. We’re officially at 92 degrees, so she’s with the garden tomatoes on the question of temperature limits. I think Doug is taking a nap. I promised him I wouldn’t go out in the noonday sun, but in a couple of hours I will make the rounds, slowly, with iced tea and bare feet, amazed again at the warmth welling up from the same place where, just weeks ago, I walked in the snow.

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