front yard

glory out front

It seems foolish to be proud of my front yard as June begins. Any idiot can have a beautiful yard in June. The real work is in the backyard, where I have weeded, dug up, and composted the raised beds, and installed my home-grown tomato seedlings. And that’s after Doug replaced a section of chicken wire in the fence, made new supports for the blueberry nets, and replaced the hinges on the cold frame.

I’m also behind getting seeds into the dirt for zinnias and cosmos. I’m told deer won’t eat them, so it must have been the woodchuck that ate mine. True, she didn’t eat the short  groundcover-style zinnias. Just the gorgeous tall ones I wanted for bouquets. The zinnias and cosmos go in behind the fence now.

back two crop

meanwhile in back

I didn’t get the seeds in for the Jack Be Little pumpkins until today. It kept raining. In the garden store the other day I heard someone say, in the singsong of folk wisdom, “a wet and windy May/is good for corn and hay.” A midwestern mantra. There are plenty of corm and hay fields nearby; I plan to keep an eye on them, and see if that mantra is right.


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